L’Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale intende promuovere e diffondere la riflessione metodologica e teorica, la collaborazione scientifica e lo sviluppo di pratiche, risorse e strumenti condivisi nel campo dell’informatica umanistica e nell’uso delle applicazioni digitali in tutte le aree delle scienze umane, nonché promuovere inoltre la riflessione sui fondamenti umanistici delle metodologie informatiche e nel campo delle culture di rete.

Mag 072013

Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities, The University of Lethbridge, and The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations is pleased to announce the first Global Digital Humanities Essay Competition


This is an open competition for research papers on the national, regional, or international practice of the Digital Humanities–a broad topic that has been designed to give authors the greatest possible scope. Authors may write on individual projects or problems or broader philosophical, geographical, sociological, political, or other aspects of the practice of Digital Humanities in a global context. Papers discussing the practice of DH by or with marginalised communities or in areas that are currently less well represented by ADHO are particularly welcome.

The competition is open to any interested party including students, graduate students, junior faculty, and researchers unaffiliated with a university or research institution. We would like to especially encourage submissions from students, junior and unaffiliated researchers, and authors belonging to marginalised communities or communities currently less well represented by ADHO.

The competition is offering a minimum of 4 prizes of $500 (CAD) each.

Initial selection (for a prize of $200) is by abstract/proposal. A further $300 will be awarded to the authors of the winning abstracts upon satisfactory completion of a full-length paper based on their original proposal. All submissions will be eligible for review and publication in the ADHO journal, Digital Studies/Le champ numérique (http://digitalstudies.org/).

For further information about the competition, please see the competition web page:


The competition organisers can also be contacted by email at prizes@globaloutlookdh.org

The initial deadline (abstracts/proposals) is June 30, 2013.

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